Website Re-Design
For Bonnie Haven

Real Estate Website Design and UI/UX

Project Name
Visual Web Design System

Bonnie Haven is a historic home and now a luxury Short Term Rental catering to large parties of up to 30 guests. They need to create a beautiful website that showcases the property very clearly and concisely.

The website will also act as a virtual Guest book and a place for guests to ask questions, provide feedback on their stay, and access references and instructions for how to operate appliances, TVs, etc. It does not need full booking capability but should have a button on each page for folks to book that will link to another booking page.

responsive webdesign mockup

Challenge: It is a property portfolio design, where needs to put information with visuals. So creating the layout was tough. Lots of visual content needs to be placed correctly.

Wireframing- hero section

The design was created by focusing on Luxury, Technology, Modern. and Professional through implementing layout, typography, and fresh colors.

Design Section

Wireframing and Layout Construction